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The Interactive, Client Needs Analysis System That Grows Your Bottom-Line

The Focus For Results (FFR) software was developed by the professionals of Perks Business Technology in collaboration with leading professional service firms.

The FFR program identifies the key business and personal issues that the CLIENT FEELS are important to them. The system then enables you to effectively work with your client to ensure the tasks identified are achieved within a desired timeframe and in a professional manner.

The system is designed so that the client flags the issues that are important to them. In some cases where these issues fall outside of your standard professional services the system provides you with an effective method of introducing an extended range of services to your client. They see the FFR as a procedure to review their personal and business affairs, and not as a "hard sell". Also, in the process the FFR reinforces your client's notion that you are their principal advisor for all of their business needs by offering services beyond your practice's normal range thus enabling you to effectively network with your strategic partners.

Currently the FFR software has editions catering for professionals in the Accounting, Legal and Financial Planning industries. But it doesn't stop there as the FFR engine is suitable for all professional service providers.  We are happy to discuss new editions in the FFR range to suit your needs.For more information please e-mail us on info@ffr.net


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